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Faster, more effective troops

Prolinx enhances battlefield preparation for defence forces and heralds the advance of virtual reality in training.


Prolinx was looking for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to help develop a training simulator that offered greater value to the defence forces.


The company worked with Dell OEM Solutions to create Training and Simulation as a Service, featuring solutions such as Dell PowerEdge blade and rack servers and Dell Precision workstations.

Defence forces have relied on training simulators for years to assist troops in preparing for action. It’s been proven that simulators help troops acquire skills faster and retain knowledge more effectively than they do in traditional classroom environments. Such is the demand for training simulators that market analysts expect the industry to be worth around £10.7 billion (US$15.8 billion) by 2025.

Prolinx aims to bring training simulators up-to-date, enabling them to make the most of virtual reality technologies. The company looked to develop its Training and Simulation as a Service for defence forces worldwide, with the goal of delivering a more flexible training environment. Customers would have the option of a virtualized desktop environment with training software delivered to endpoints via a customer data centre or a secure hosted facility managed by Prolinx.

Defence forces will be able to significantly reduce the cost of their training simulation programmes with the Training and Simulation as a Service. Prolinx will run the training software across a virtualized cloud infrastructure to endpoints at customers’ facilities. Depending on each customer’s requirements, the virtualized environment will be supported by Dell PowerEdge M630 blade servers with Intel® Xeon® processors, running in a Dell PowerEdge M1000e modular blade chassis. It will also include Dell PowerEdge rack servers, or Dell Precision workstations. Storage will be provided by EMC.


  • Helps defence customers lower the cost of training
  • Increases the speed and effectiveness of programmes
  • Enhances IT staff productivity through high system availability
  • Maximises return on investment with responsive support
  • Creates platform to extend the use of virtual reality in training



Prolinx customers can ensure their simulation programmes deliver greater value to troops and key stakeholders. The solution significantly reduces the number of possible failure points in any troop training exercise, it offers a highly secure and reliable solution to better prepare troops for the battlefield.

Prolinx customers can also save on IT support safe in the knowledge that the Prolinx solution is incredibly stable. They can be certain the hardware underpinning the Prolinx infrastructure is up to the task thanks to the inclusion of Amulet Hotkey technology. This ensures the servers or workstations deliver robust, secure and uncompromising performance for the solution’s PC over IP (PCoIP) protocol.

Prolinx is targeting the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the U.K. as an initial customer for its Training and Simulation as a Service. Looking ahead, it plans to drive sales worldwide.

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