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Prolinx on Business Continuity

Business Continuity, for many businesses, has come to the forefront of day to day life. With the recent Pandemic...

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Prolinx on Risk Management

As a business, we define Risk Management through the guidelines of ISO31000 and the certification of our three...

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Prolinx on GDPR

We all want to protect our personal data and what about your business data, how do we protect...

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Prolinx on ISO Standards

What is ISO9001? The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems is a set of standards that helps...

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Prolinx on Technology trends, Emerging capabilities and Road mapping.

Our Staff: Our staff retention rates are one of our best attributes. We feel very passionate about investing...

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Prolinx on Service Assurances

Service Level Agreements: Prolinx Service Level Agreements will be agreed with you upfront at the beginning of your...

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