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Prolinx have a significant track-record in providing tailored secure services for Government Agencies and, in particular, the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Our early entry and deployed services provide secure technologies across these areas, solving problems of connectivity and communication which affect troops.

Prolinx offer competitive services that are ideally suited for Government and security organisations, the blue light community and the MOD with integrated networks and secure communications that enable reliable and efficient information management.

Relevant Services

  • Data Centre Services, including secure hybrid cloud services
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service
  • Secure Mobility
  • Deployable HQ
  • Training and Simulation Environment
  • Secure Hosted Managed Services



Prolinx are able to deploy secure Cloud services in the following models:

  • Private Cloud. A Utility Computing infrastructure exclusively for the use of one organisation or community.
  • Public Cloud. Utility Computing that is available to individuals, public and private sector organisations. Public Cloud is often non-geographically specific and can be accessed wherever there is an Internet connection.
  • Hybrid Cloud. A combination of Public and Private Clouds, both remaining separate entities, but with Workload able to migrate between them.

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