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Operating to ITIL best framework practices

Accredited to global ISO standards

24/7 service desk from our secure facilities

The Overview

As described above Prolinx offers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS at multiple security tiers. Therefore because of this Prolinx is in a unique position to offer customers, who wish to leverage capabilities across multiple clouds and security tiers, a single entry point for both commercial and technical aspects.

The Prolinx provisioning toolsets, monitoring dashboards and billing engines can consolidate the data from all environments and, where applicable/permitted, provide our customers with a single engagement model. This could mean a single and predictable bill for workloads split across Amazon, Azure and the Prolinx secure Data Centers, or could mean an end to end performance and availability dashboard for a service that has nodes in Public cloud and the Prolinx secure Data Centers.

SUITED FOR – Customers that have capabilities split across multiple platforms/security zones but want end to end control and visibility through a central toolset or resource.

Available/Accredited at – OFFICIAL, OFFICIAL SENSITIVE AND SECRET levels.

Connectivity to –Internet-based Public Cloud, MOD Core Network (Official Sensitive) (MCN(OS)), Public Sector Network (PSN) and Public Sector Network Police (PSN-P), MOD Core Network (Secret) (MCN(S)).

The UK Government ‘Cloud First’ policy presents public sector organisations with many opportunities to improve their IT services while making significant cost savings. At the same time it introduces technology, governance and security challenges that are different from those they have worked with before.

While many departments can make use of public cloud providers for all of their IT needs, others have varied requirements around security that can prohibit the use of commodity cloud services. That’s where Prolinx can help. We can offer a security tiered hybrid cloud solution which is fully managed under a single service, offering end to end assurance. It means you can store your data securely, in line with your own internal requirements.

Who are Prolinx?

Prolinx is a UK owned and based Small to Medium Enterprise (SME). We work in partnership with government organisations to intelligently provide simplified and streamlined technology enabled solutions and services that are governed, professionally managed, efficient, highly secure and pertinent to the needs of our clients.

Why choose Prolinx as your security partner?

  • A fully managed security tiered hybrid cloud solution providing cost effective data management
  • Delivered through Public Services Network (PSN) connectivity
  • Delivered by SC or DV cleared staff
  • Accredited to ISO9001, 20000 and 27001 delivering high availability through a UK owned SME
  • 24/7 service desk and secure UK Data Centres
  • Flexible service delivery approach

The Prolinx Proposition

Prolinx is offering a managed hybrid cloud service working with public sector departments to migrate from expensive in-house services to a mixture of commodity cloud. This is complemented by Prolinx hosted infrastructure for systems and data that have higher security requirements. All of this will be wrapped up in a single managed service giving end-to-end assurance.

We have a long track record of successfully working with public sector clients and accreditors, building and managing secure systems across a wide range of cases

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