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PC2 is designed to support a small number of key personnel in a deployed operational environment, ideal for Command and Control situations where immediate secure delivery of information is essential e.g. deployed medical specialists, humanitarian crisis support, and major disaster scenes. PC2 permits rapid connection to the host network as soon as personnel arrive on scene. PC2 is a capable service designed to provide rich connectivity in a portable package, whilst providing enhanced cyber security. PC2 provides secure information management in critical situations which enhances operational effectiveness and situational awareness.


PC2 can be provided with optional configurations that can augment the capabilities.

  • Secure Wireless
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Communication and Collaboration


The unit can come in a number of variants from a briefcase sized unit utilising trailblazing technology to reduce low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). This initial entry unit supports 4 users and other options can be scaled out to semi-permanent solutions from HQ Support Services.

Some of the key service delivery characteristics include:

  • Centralised autonomous capability for Official Services on a Virtualised Platform.
  • This allows for long line remote hands support and permits over the air intervention when needed.
  • Applications, users and functionality can be provisioned over the air and added while deployed in the field.
  • PC2 can connect to any bearer of opportunity using NCSC approved encryption, with over the air re-keying reducing the local custodian overhead.
  • Will connect to 3/4G, Internet, sat Internet, BGAN, BiaB
  • UADs are RAS devices or Zero Clients. RAS devices can connect to deployed system or long-line reach back to UK when offsite.
  • Local Wi-Fi capability to enhance flexibility and mobility.
  • The PC2 box will provide a forward solution for collaboration and authentication.
  • PC2 provides endpoint user devices from a single user to 100 users as standard, including if required VDI and Zero Client Desktops, Laptops and Secure Official As the service is scalable it can increase the user count considerably.
  • Full access to applications hosted on PSN(P)
  • Shared storage functionality for sharing data between service consumers with the ability to synchronise with services hosted on the PSN.
  • Office productivity suite such as email, messaging, conferencing, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint.
  • Rapid deployment through portable hardened enclosures.
  • Resilient to avoid single points of failure.
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