Hybrid Cloud

Vulnerability Analysis in Cyber Security

With Prolinx Protective Monitoring


Customers seeking a fully managed, Government and MOD assured monitoring service, designed to deliver operational insights on system usage, both from internal and external sources.

This service facilitates understanding of your system’s security status, enabling security experts to mitigate potential risks effectively through comprehensive vulnerability analysis and detailed infrastructure and application monitoring.


Highest security tiers, MOD Assurance levels, and Commercially Assured for non-protectively marked data.


Prolinx Assured Cloud, customer on-premises devices, and other protected networks meeting the required security controls.

The Overview

The Prolinx Protective Monitoring solution, managed through our Security Operations Centre (SOC), provides comprehensive vulnerability analysis along with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), leveraging industry-leading technology.

Our experienced Prolinx engineers manage technology that is capable of proactively monitoring and identifying potential environmental vulnerabilities and overseeing data and application access. Utilising the security analyst expertise they are able to provide insight into who is accessing your organization’s network and sensitive data.

The vulnerability analysis aspect of our service empowers customers to understand potential issues at various levels, such as firmware, operating system or application layer. 

This includes various layers of analysis, ranging from identifying missing patches and device lockdown configuration, to leading a coordinated Red Team assessment exercise.

Operating system and application lockdown configurations are evaluated based on Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) and Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. 

This cyber security service enables organisations to protect themselves against vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Our SIEM component provides first hand insights into any security issues within your environment. It includes two levels of monitoring: infrastructure and application. 

Although Prolinx already utilises the Protective Monitoring service on all Prolinx Assured Cloud deployed infrastructure to protect our assets, platforms, data and network, it also offers an optional feature of configuring SIEM to monitor customer access devices and deployed application activity within the Prolinx Assured Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud


  • Enables compliance with regulatory requirements and standards
  • Reduces security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Helps secure customer environments and data
  • Provides a holistic view of all activity within your environments and network
  • Allows proactive resolution of software and system-related security threats
  • Includes proven accreditation processes for UK Government security classifications
  • Reduces cost and complexity of procuring and managing in-house technology and specialist resources
Hybrid Cloud


Our Protective Monitoring solution, managed from our Security and Network Operations Centre (SOC / NOC), is delivered as a fully managed end-to-end service, eliminating the need for procuring expensive hardware, infrastructure or additional specialist security resources.

The Prolinx Protective Monitoring solution aligns with ITIL service management and Cyber essentials plus and is operated by appropriately vetted personnel from secure facilities within the United Kingdom.

The service offers a secure, straightforward, and highly scalable solution, allowing additional devices to be added as needed.

All logs are encrypted using the highest levels of encryption.

Data is compiled and reported upon regularly as agreed during the customer onboarding process.

Additionally, customizable dashboards are available to provide operational insight into an organisation’s IT systems.