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Secure Early Entry Deployed Service (SEEDS) is designed to support a small number of forward operating personnel and provides rapid delivery of information in a secure collaboration environment.

SEEDS permits immediate connection to the accredited Official Service onto the RLI as soon as the detachment arrives on deployment/ in theatre.

SEEDS is a resilient service able to meet the most challenging operational requirements, whilst being fully compliant with the MOD’s strict security regime.

SEEDS can be utilised immediately at a deployed Forward Operating Base (FOB) in any building or tent satisfying the needs of the initial troop deployment. As part of the scalable deployable service, SEEDS can increase in capacity and capability to support the changing numbers and roles of the FOB. A smart functionof the SEEDS is it gets over traditional performance challenges especially when sharing large amounts of data hungry files, such as video and images and allows all deployed personnel to collaborate locally without the need to reach back via the UK. This local domain will enable localised Microsoft Exchange, shared working area, file and print capability and allow information exchange, meaning that users can work and collaborate with each other even when off net. The SEEDS versatility allows for LAN speed collaboration onsite and for global collaboration when connection to a WAN is available.

SEEDS is a Prolinx fully managed service using assured commercially off the shelf (COTS) components appropriately hardened for this style of operation. The solution has many features including being scalable, agile, secure, transportable, small scale, semi-autonomous and with low power consumption. It is a mobile service delivery platform with local domain allowing access to the RLI Central services by means of any Bearer of Opportunity by providing link encryption and relevant gateway security. At the heart of this capability is Prolinx Assured Cloud Services (PACS) engine. SEEDS comes in a number of models from briefcase size units for 2 – 4 users up to semi-permanent solutions capable of supporting thousands of users.

When required SEEDS can securely connect the service to any domestic broadband service, a mobile 3G/4G service or a variety of MoD provisioned connectivity services. SEEDS operates at the Official-Sensitive caveat and permits users global collaboration functionality across the RLI.


SEEDS can be provided with optional configurations that can augment the capabilities.

They are:

  • Secure Wireless
  • Virtual Desktops
  •  Communication and Collaboration


  • Centralised Autonomous Capability for Official Services on a Virtualised
  • This allows for long line remote hands support and permits over the air intervention when needed
  • Applications, users and functionality can be provisioned over the air added while deployed in the field
  • SEEDS can connect to any bearer of opportunity using CESG approved encryption, with over the air re-keying reducing the local custodian overhead
  • Will connect to 3/4G, Internet, sat Internet, BGAN, BiaB, MOD sat systems e.g. Reacher, SWE-DISH
  • UADs are RAS devices or Zero Clients. RAS devices can connect to deployed system or long-line reach back to UK when offsite
  • Local Wi-Fi capability to enhance flexibility and mobility
  • The SEEDS box will provide a forward solution for collaboration and authentication
  • SEEDS provides endpoint user devices from a single user to 100 users as standard, including if required VDI and Zero Client Desktops, Laptops and Secure Official wireless. As the service is scalable it can increase the user count up to 1000.
  • Full access to applications including JPA, DMICP, HRMS, MJDI, Mail, SharePoint, Defence Intranet etc
  • Full RLI addressing and routing to connect to any RLI bearers such as Falcon, BBiaB, GIN-T, Mantis Snapper
  • Shared storage functionality for sharing data between service consumers with the ability to synchronise with services hosted on the RLI
  • Office productivity suite such as email, messaging, conferencing, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint.
  • Configurable for secure connectivity to the RLI network via an MoD approved bearer (Native RLI, Falcon, etc).
  • Rapid deployment through man portable hardened enclosures.
  • Resilient to avoid single points of failure
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