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Simulation & Training as a Remote Service (STaaRS) is a flexible, virtual training environment, which eliminates the need for a traditional classroom environment. With easy to use booking and orchestration features, instructors can make quick changes to the environment.

Prolinx offers a combination of desktop and server-side technologies that deliver a hybrid cloud based model without compromising security or graphics performance and which is HLA Compliant.

Datacentres can be situated in geographically remote locations, hundreds of kilometres from the desktop and still provide a low latency, ‘pixel perfect’ computing experience for the user.

Each user has their own persona, allowing classrooms and devices to be multi-role, changing function in a matter of seconds depending on who the user is. For ease of access and enhanced security, the solution uses smartcard and biometric secondary authentication.


  • Convert classrooms to flexible, multi-purpose facilities
  • Integrate with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Extend high-definition graphics services to remote users
  • Reduce equipment related heat and noise in classrooms
  • Easy to use booking and orchestration features enables instructors to make quick changes to the environment
  • Avoid deploying expensive, high maintenance, high-end workstations in classrooms, which may in turn be less secure and underutilised
  • Increase teaching and learning effectiveness and operational capability with reduced risk
  • Standard zero client desktop deployments mean simplified spares holdings, ease of maintenance and complete hardware lock-down
  • Increase value for money and reduce waste
  • Reduce licence requirements
  • Utilise a wide range of peripherals and simulator interfaces
  • Tested and optimised for performance, consolidation and network bandwidth
  • Managed service offerings – free up staffs to innovation


  • HLA compliant environment
  • Uncompromised data security using AES 256 and third party encryption
  • High quality graphics performance at 60 frames per second (fps) across multiple monitors
  • Fibre and copper IP connections fully supported
  • A state-of-the-art range of server-side hardware options to suit specific requirements
  • Perfect for high-end simulation
  • Built on COTS solutions – tried and tested

Download the pdf about STaaRS