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DE&S Typhoon DT


The Overview

Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Combat Air Typhoon Delivery Team (DT), requires a capability that enables a reach-back facility for Typhoon Engineering Asset Management System & Engineering Support System (ESS), to conduct business from worldwide locations.

Prolinx has designed and delivered the Deployed Bearer of Opportunity (DBoO) that fulfills the user requirements with a assured capability in support of mission critical systems. Complying with MOD Information Technology and Cyber Security governance which applies HMG security standards, the Prolinx solution enables the platform availability during transit and throughout any deployed operations and training exercises.

The ability to connect from any where by what ever means is available and the low size weight and power (SWaP) specifications has been instrumental in the service being adopted, which includes the ability to securely manage sensitive data.

The Challenge

Provide a secure capability through a technical solution without the requirement of Cryptographic material embedded into the product, with a plug and play set up configuration to the end user. Typhoon engineering support staff must be able to establish secure communications and conduct daily business activity on immediate arrival in Theatre. The device must not require forward dispatch ahead of deployments and should be hand carried on military and civil aircraft.

The Solution

A low size weight and power (SWaP) module that conforms to commercial airline on board cabin dimensions. Within its transit case and associated peripherals weighs under 10Kg. Using secure connection technology and authentication certificates, a two stage Virtual Private Network (VPN) is established, a strict firewall rule set in accordance with the principals of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Foundation Profile sets up an IPSec VPN. Authenticated and authorised devices are only then permitted to access the MOD network resources.

The Result

DBoO provides a resilient service that is able to meet the most challenging of operational requirements, whilst being fully compliant with the MODs strict security assurance regime and supported by the Prolinx 24/7/365 service desk. Engineering staff now seamlessly support the platform delivering the service to the end users. An associated broadband router and high gain antenna provide optimum coverage in the absence of any local commercial Internet connectivity. Critical data is securely transmitted between main UK operating base and deployed locations, enhancing platform availability.

Dboo 768x386 Compressed

The Benefits

  • The low SWaP design enables engineering staff to hand carry the device with them on support aircraft, facilitating immediate connectivity at deployed locations.
  • Ports are fully configurable remotely by Prolinx technical experts to correspond with deployment requirements.