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Secure Wireless Solutions

With Prolinx Secure Wireless


Customers that require a fully managed, Government assured, and MOD assured Wireless LAN (WLAN) solution designed to encrypt and secure data while enabling device connectivity across all sites. 


MOD Assurance levels and Commercially Assured for non-protectively marked data.


Prolinx Assured Cloud, MOD networks and other customer networks meeting the required security controls.


Prolinx presents a certified, fully managed Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) service, specifically designed for secure use at MOD locations and other customer sites. 

This managed service offers a Secure Wireless Solution that stands out due to its robust encryption and device connectivity features.

This secure wireless solution incorporates a proven design meeting or exceeding stringent MOD security requirements, extending its potential application to other MOD, industry partner, and customer facilities.

The service, designed by Prolinx, is based on a fully accredited and secure design. Utilising the latest devices, scanners and software from our industry-leading technology partners, the Prolinx Secure Wireless service offers a robust, high-performing, and reliable true end-to-end secure wireless solution.

Our experts deploy and configure a dedicated central configuration system for each customer tenant, which is managed by Prolinx.

This system is hosted and protected within the Prolinx Assured Cloud and is supported by our experienced and appropriately vetted personnel.

Once deployed and configured, customers can rely on a secure and protected wireless solution across various sites, enabling resources to focus on operational activities and project delivery.

Prolinx maintains and manages the Wireless LAN solution, providing support through our 24/7/365 UK based operations centre.

Secure Wireless


  • Secure by design
  • Accredited for use in Government and supplier facilities to process protectively marked information
  • Scalable to accommodate a variety of UAD workloads
  • 24/7/365 service desk support aligned to ITIL best practices in service management
  • Removes additional costs and risks associated with in-house network deployment, development, and maintenance
  • Allows for the placement of Access Points (APs) at any location, including outdoors for an extended Wi-Fi reach
  • Designed for High Availability to ensure service continuity and quality
  • Incident management and defined escalation procedures
Secure Wireless


Prolinx Secure Wireless is delivered as a fully managed end-to-end service.

The service includes site survey, installation, configuration, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of the Wireless LAN and associated Network Controllers.

It provides support for different classes of wireless devices, such as multimedia devices, with appropriate security controls including network segregation.

All LAN traffic is encrypted from the End User Device to LAN egress.

The service features an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for enforcement and continuous Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitoring, with regular signature updates to detect rogue devices and unauthorized network access.

Enhancing security, our centralised Wi-Fi Architecture treats Access Points (APs) as untrusted devices, shifting Wi-Fi encryption from the AP to the central Wireless Controller.

This ensures that even with physical access to a deployed AP, adversaries cannot compromise Wi-Fi communications between a wireless client and the rest of the network.

Our wireless deployments support the latest authentication methods and protocols, such as EAP-TLS and WPA3.