Secure Mobility as a Service


Customers that require a low maintenance and complete end-to-end secure communications system including voice, video and data transfer that can be operated from almost any geographical location.


Highest security tiers, MOD Assurance levels and Commercially Assured for non-protectively marked data.


Prolinx Assured Cloud, MOD networks and other customer networks meeting the required security controls.

The Overview

Prolinx Secure Mobility as a Service is a deployable, low maintenance solution that delivers secure, mobile, end-to-end voice, video and data transfer capabilities to its users. It can be rapidly deployed to support urgent operations and utilised at almost any geographical location within the United Kingdom (global connectivity add-on options are also available). The solution uses mobile router technology, certified cryptography, secure deployed end user devices all managed by Prolinx. The supporting technology stack is remotely connected to, and hosted within the Prolix Assured Cloud. When deployed, SMaaS creates a protected transmission and collaborative working capability for both static and mobile users. Secure Mobility therefore enables rapid deployment, providing required connectivity to your users, along with the much needed collaboration and communication tools to assist with coordination and delivery of mission and business critical operations.

End users interact with the service via secured, deployed and fully-managed End User Devices (EUDs) via our Secure User Access service offering, and in varying form factors (to suit individual requirements), such as mobile device, tablet or laptop. Along with the secure devices, Prolinx deploys and hosts a technology stack consisting of Instant Messaging and persistent chat, email / exchange, with file storage and sharing services.

The service is architected for High Availability (HA), with backup, redundancy and Business Continuity an Disaster Recovery (BCDR) options, and is supported by our 24/7/365 UK based Network and Security Operations Centre.



  • Fully mobile communications solution, with ad-hoc or permanent vehicle installations
  • Discrete deployment and operation
  • Low SWaP solution (Size, Weight and Power)
  • Operationally deployable within 10 minutes for secure connectivity
  • 24/7/365 service desk support aligned to ITIL best practices & service management
  • High grade / high assurance crypto
  • Secure, assured MOD Network connectivity options
  • Minimal training and deployment planning
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Secure by Design aligned
  • Incident management and defined escalation procedures
Woman Managing Server Network Top View


An accredited and assured, globally deployable voice and data service for geographically dispersed and remote end users.

Fully mobile and able to interface with devices at fixed locations and personnel’s mobile devices whilst on the move. Featuring resilient wired and wireless multi-bearer WAN connectivity with 10-100Mbps secure Internet Protocol (IP) bandwidth.

Delivered as a fully managed, secure deployable end-to-end service that is able to be assured and accredited to process data UK Government security classifications.