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The Prolinx Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides Operating Systems (OS) on top of the base layer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. Providing the flexibility of cloud computing and allowing for automated deployment of servers, processing power, storage, and networking.

Prolinx PaaS builds on the initial base layer of IaaS and supports customer application developer requirements in exploiting the OS to host applications and software relevant to business needs. This can be complimented and enhanced with further service offerings across the Service Catalogue as required.

Prolinx operate secure UK Sovereign Data Centres that are designed to the Uptime Institute Tier 2 enhanced standard to manage data in excess of OFFICIAL, including caveats.

Prolinx respect and observe the EU Code of Conduct for Datacentre Operations, operating to ITIL framework best practices, Cyber Essentials Plus certified and accredited to International Standards; ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001. With the ability to offer scalable, commoditised and virtualised operating environments, Prolinx provide a high-performance capability that enables high-speed data access combined with security, stability and extremely high processing performance for business critical applications.


Prolinx have the ability to offer scalable, commoditised and virtualised operating environments. Benefits of Prolinx PaaS include, but are not limited to;

  • Drive down Total Cost of Ownership and burden of technical refresh of hardware
  • Provides customers with assurance of essential patches and updates to secure environment
  • Predictable OpEx Cost certainty aids budgeting and planning
  • Enables the alignment of resources to business needs, especially where infrastructure demands may not be initially transparent
  • Solution designed to deliver optimum performance to compliment customers strategic business goals
  • Underpins organisational expansion through scale up provisioning
  • Underpins the foundations for business continuity with built- in redundancy (N+1) and Disaster Recovery environment, strengthening business resilience capability
  • Optimised security safeguarding by specialists of business critical operating environments
  • Service Desk monitoring enables pro-active demand management notification for potential capacity threshold breeches.
  • Secure Remote access for development


Included in the PaaS Physical Service is:

  • Everything included in Prolinx IaaS
  • Automated installation and configuration of a Prolinx approved Operating System
  • Operating system hardening and connectivity to an identity provider for engineering access
  • Compliance monitoring and rectification should any key files be changed
  • Automated patching and patch remediation within agreed patch windows
  • Emergency patching as and when required (vendor released security patch not customer)
  • Management information for monthly service reports
  • Identity management solution for service accounts and 2 x engineering accounts (Active Directory)
  • Monitoring
  • License procurement and management (where permitted)
  • Service desk support and response/fix to agreed service level
  • 1 x total server rebuild to hardened Operating System per month
  • 1 x Snapshot per month
  • No overcommit on memory
  • 50GB OS Hard Disk per workload

Additional Options are available to add to this service where price is available on application.

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