Hybrid Cloud

Prolinx Assured Cloud Services

The Prolinx Assured Cloud contains a portfolio of innovative cloud services that can be deployed individually or together, either in order to create a complete end-to-end collaborative working environment, secure hosting environment or to target a specific key deliverable as part of a customer solution. A flexible design and provisioning approach is adopted, enabling the customer to combine or ‘bolt-on’ multiple desired services at point of provision, or later, as customer needs and user demands change.

Within the Prolinx Assured Cloud, sustainable, scalable, secure managed service solutions are offered to facilitate the delivery of cloud and shared services to both the public and private sector.

This includes secure user access, managed end user devices, remote connectivity solutions, secure wireless network deployment and management, application and Virtual Machine hosting, infrastructure technology services, environmental control, DR and security services; all with a comprehensive overarching Service Management model and supported by a growing range of additional professional services. The services are available across multiple Government Security Classifications with connectivity to / from Government Public Service, Defence and User specified Networks.

Prolinx has a proven track record in system design and development, implementation, and fully managed services featuring a wide range of protective monitoring and threat management technologies within our accredited Network and Security Operating Centres.

Functional services include but are not limited to:

  • Secure User Access & Remote connectivity
  • Provision of computing resource on demand
  • Provision and management of end user devices
  • Application hosting and access to applications on demand
  • Collaborative working tools and end-user environments
  • Backup and recovery of data

Non-functional services include:

  • Secure services from a Government approved secure facility
  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • ITIL 4 compliant 24/7 Service Desk
  • 24/7 service monitoring and maintenance
  • Tiered level of security management according to Impact Level of data or customer requirement
  • Metering and billing capabilities
  • Service improvement and Service reporting
  • Complete end-to-end solutions as required
  • Fully Managed Service options for:
    • Computing / Processing
    • Storage
    • WAN
    • Infrastructure
    • Networking
    • Support
    • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

As part of the offering, Prolinx aims to deliver a number of key benefits to our customers including:

  • Through-life service management
  • Maximise desired business outcomes and return on investment
  • Drive down running costs and burden of hardware refresh
  • Deliver additional services on-demand with appropriate supporting Service Levels
  • Provide customers with assurance of essential patches and updates to secure environments
  • Business continuity capability with built-in redundancy (N+1)
  • Disaster Recovery environments (as required) and strengthening business resilience capability
  • Proactive device and environment monitoring
  • Secure remote access for development needs
Security Assurance

Our Approach

Our approach will ensure the continued delivery of high quality services by applying the principles, methods and techniques of ICT Service Management through the full lifecycle of services; from strategy through design and transition into operation and through to retirement.

Through the Continued Service Improvement Process (CSIP) Prolinx will continually review and improve the Prolinx Assured Cloud Service Catalogue. Should there be an intention to revise or retire a service or solution from the Catalogue, customers will be notified in advance and offered a proposal to transfer the service to an alternate offering.

Customers also have the benefit of being able to work in partnership with Prolinx to provide services from the Service Catalogue to other organisations as part of their end-to-end solution.

For more information, browse our service selection above, or alternatively please reach out to the team who will be delighted to discuss our services with you.