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Why Are Collaborative Working Environments Needed?

Prolinx specialises in the design and delivery of Collaborative Working Environments (CWE) to Industry Partners, Defence and other organisations, where information security, system assurance and resilience are of the upmost critical concerns. Utilising in-depth security and service delivery experience with our Prolinx Assured Cloud technology, including dynamic authorisation and access management controls, and zero-trust data centric security, we can provision and host fully managed environments that meet demanding requirements, empowering users, and enabling delivery of in-flight projects for customer contracts.


“Prolinx CWE allows customers to remotely collaborate and share data securely, enabling rapid delivery of complex projects”

Steve Andrews – Head of Portfolio Management

Hand United Together Form Lines, Triangles And Particle Style Design. Illustration Vector

Why is a CWE needed?

A typical challenge associated with delivering contractual obligations within Defence and other markets, is being able to utilise common place applications and tools, all whilst being able to process, and sometimes segregate, sensitive or protectively marked information and documentation. It is also becoming more common for sensitive information in other sectors e.g. Higher Education Research, to be processed and handled in a particular way, and for organisations processing such data to provide assurance and demonstrate appropriate controls and monitoring are in place.

Prolinx has experience in delivering such solutions and has won multiple contracts leading to design and delivery of our CWE that solves real-life customer problems and generates tangible value for their business.

Typical Challenges addressed by a CWE:


  • Industry partners or organisations needing to collaborate and share project data with delivery teams in Defence
  • Enabling the processing and sharing of protectively marked data with authorised remote / geographically dispersed users
  • Provisioning of familiar applications and tools, all assured and accredited to enable end users to conduct daily business
  • Connectivity, with provision of appropriately locked-down, secure end user access devices
  • Security consultancy and expertise to enable application assurance and migration
  • Policy Management, Monitoring, Event Management and audit compliance
  • Seamlessly include voice & video methods of communication and collaboration

Prolinx CWE features the following:


  • Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) based on XACML standards
  • Enterprise Digital Rights Management (ERDM)
  • Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM)
  • Industry standard applications and toolsets, providing the end user with a familiar user interface and seamless experience
  • Ability to share and collaborate sensitive or protectively marked data with multiple delivery teams
  • Data and information processing across globally dispersed locations, teams and individuals
  • Alignment to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) principles and Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO standards
  • Assurance that services are ‘Secure by Design’
  • Access and connectivity with the provision of locked-down secure end user devices
  • Security consultancy and expertise to enable application assurance and migration to a CWE

Some of the benefits of Prolinx CWE:


  • Ease of sharing information with other authorised parties
  • Highly available application, network, connectivity, and remote desktop services
  • Full security and assurance wrap
  • Securely operated in the UK by appropriately vetted personnel
  • Supported by 24/7/365 UK operations centre
  • Secure, simple, flexible, highly scalable hosting
  • Delivered as a fully managed end-to-end service
  • Central platform to achieve objectives and aid project collaboration
  • Secure managed End User Devices (EUDs) available

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