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Secure Data Collaboration

With Prolinx Collaborative Working Environment (CWE)


Organisations, such as Industry Partners, the UK Government and MOD, requiring secure-by-design solutions for processing and collaborating on projects involving sensitive or protectively marked data.


Highest security tiers, MOD Assurance levels, and Commercial Assurance for non-protectively marked data. Ensuring data centric security across multi-classification levels.


Prolinx Assured Cloud, MOD networks (MOD connected), and other customer networks that meet necessary security controls.

The Overview

At Prolinx, we specialise in delivering Secure Data Collaboration environments to industry partners, defence bodies, and other organisations where information security, system assurance, and resilience are crucial. 

Harnessing our extensive security knowledge and service delivery expertise with Prolinx Assured Cloud technology, we can develop, host, and manage robust environments that meet stringent requirements.

These include dynamic authorisation and identity management controls, promoting a secure collaboration on sensitive data.

One of the common challenges in sectors like Defence and Higher Education Research is the use of mainstream applications and tools while processing, and sometimes segregating, protectively marked information and documents.

With an increasing need for sensitive data to be handled precisely, organisations processing such data must assure and demonstrate proper controls and monitoring.

With proven experience in delivering these solutions, Prolinx has secured multiple contracts to design and deliver our Secure Data Collaboration solutions through Prolinx Collaborative Working Environment.

Our solutions address real-life customer challenges and add tangible value to their businesses, providing multi-classification data handling within a secure, integrated environment.

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Typical Challenges Addressed by the Prolinx Collaborative Working Environment:

  • Collaborating and sharing project data securely with defence delivery teams and other organisations.
  • Facilitating the processing and sharing of protectively marked data with authorised remote or geographically dispersed users.
  • Provisioning of familiar applications and tools, all assured and accredited to enable end users to conduct daily business securely.
  • Providing connectivity with secure end-user access devices.
  • Offering security consultancy and expertise for application assurance and migration.
  • Implementing policy management, monitoring, event management, and audit compliance.
  • Seamlessly integrating voice & video methods of secure communication and collaboration.
Hand United Together Form Lines, Triangles And Particle Style Design. Illustration Vector


  • Options for Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) based on XACML standards
  • Supports Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) systems
  • Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM)
  • Industry-standard applications and toolsets for a familiar user interface and seamless experience
  • Capability to share and collaborate on sensitive or protectively marked data with multiple delivery teams
  • Processing of data and information across globally dispersed locations, teams, and individuals
  • Adherence to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) principles and Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO standards
  • Assurance that services are ‘Secure by Design’
  • Access and connectivity with secure end-user devices
  • Security consultancy and expertise for application assurance and migration to a Secure Data Collaboration environment

We invite you to explore how Prolinx’s Secure Data Collaboration solutions can secure your collaborative efforts while maintaining compliance and assurance standards.

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