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Higher Education

The H.E. market is forecast to grow by over 2% this year. Prolinx has both market knowledge and staff who know and understand the Higher Education market place. We also have plans to invest as the market is shaped and to be receptive to the value propositions we are presenting to Higher Education.

The H.E. institutions currently face challenges that extend beyond the typical IT space into an executive issue or risk for them to manage. These are, at high level, broken down into two key areas, they are:

  1. Recruiting and retaining suitable enterprise skilled staff to develop and manage digital services that the institutions need to deliver to grow their customer and revenues bases.
  2. Address concerns and risks on securing digital and information assets from adversaries looking to disrupt both the institutions and UK’s growth potential. This point is a key Government growth policy for the UK as we enter the challenges of a post Covid-19 pandemic economic situation.

As part of our investment in UK staffing and facilities, Prolinx will be taking a number of strategic sale offerings to market. They are:

  • To address the cyber security threats to Higher Education Institutions, Prolinx will apply the solution services it has deployed into the higher security tier Government sector. This will provide the Executives in these organisations who are being warned by Government of the increase in threats to this sector with a trusted partner to turn too in order to present solutions to these high profile requirements.
  • These solutions present an opportunity to shift from traditional legacy on-premise services to those consumed as a cloud based service:
    • Virtualised compute and storage options
    • High availability 24×7 service based in the UK to prevent any issue around non UK sovereign storage of information.
    • Consumption on demand for faster provision
    • Fast network connectivity between locations, including discrete WAN connectivity onto private networks where required.
    • Scale up and scale out options for framework customers shortening the time into service
    • A fully managed service that does not require the customer to provide support to new technologies being introduced through the life of the framework.
  • End to End Service – Options to deliver virtual desktop services through the provision of Enterprise technologies, presenting the ultimate high availability and high security environment.
  • Multi-agency Collaboration – The ability for Prolinx to present Collaborative Working Environments with security controls to prevent loss of data.