Security Assurance

MCP Press Release

UK-based secure IT managed service provider, Prolinx, has been awarded a contract for Defence as a Platform (DaaP) hosting services for an environment entitled MoD Connected Platform (MCP). MCP is a private cloud hosting provision connected to the MoD Core Network (MCN) and covers the storage and transmission of data. The MCP environment is integral to the wider DaaP programme.

Prolinx is a UK SME delivering secure IT managed services and works with some of the UK’s largest organisations such as The Ministry of Defence, the British Council and a major Police entity within the UK. Working in partnership with organisations Prolinx provides simplified and streamlined technology enabled solutions and services that are governed, professionally managed and efficient.

Prolinx operates secure UK Sovereign Data Centres that are designed to the Uptime Institute Tier 2 enhanced standard to manage data in excess of OFFICIAL, including caveats. Prolinx respects and observes the EU Code of Conduct for Datacentre Operations, operating to ITIL framework best practices, Cyber Essentials Plus certified and accredited to International Standards; ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.

Transformational activities have been underway for a few years to improve the Defence information capabilities and relate to how Defence designs, develops and operates ICT services. Defence Digital is delivering a dynamic response to information needs across the Single Information Environment (SIE). DaaP hosting, aims to create an ecosystem of services that delivers Value For Money (VFM) for hosting services across Defence. This overall DaaP approach will enable MoD to exploit platform economics better, and leverage assets and information that are operated and maintained throughout Defence. The environment will provide Defence Digital with the ability to develop and host software, which is a key Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) Transformation objective.

Simon Blackburn, a Director of Prolinx Ltd, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Defence Digital to provide the MCP hosting environment. Alongside our partnership with Defence Digital, we look forward to working with the relevant Front Line Command application owners and will ensure we are providing an improved digital experience for the end users. Prolinx is a trusted provider of secure digital services for both MoD and other government agencies. We are looking forward to playing our part in the success of the Defence Digital DaaP programme.”

Brig Sara Sharkey, Head Application Services and DevOps, Defence Digital, said: “Defence Digital are delighted to be collaborating with Prolinx to deliver flexible, scalable and accessible private cloud services to wider Defence. This service has resulted in efficiencies both in cost, on boarding time and rationalisation opportunities. An innovative, ever-greening partnership that is a key element of the MOD Hybrid Multi Cloud strategy.”