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Prolinx employees join the 3D Crowd UK to help produce PPE for NHS Frontline staff

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Several Prolinx employees have been mucking in, using their free time and own materials to produce this much-needed equipment, to help protect key staff in the fight against the pandemic.

The availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS frontline staff and the ability for the supply chain to keep pace has been a challenge, with numerous reports of organisations running low on these essential commodities. As a result collectives of 3D printer owners have been volunteering to produce parts for protective face shields to be distributed to those who need them. Once printed the parts are sent to a central facility where they are assembled and shipped on for usage on the front line. The UK has requested over 334,000 face masks, so far, of which the 3D printing community has so far assisted in providing over 90,000 of those masks. As things progress PPE is going to be in extremely high demand and every single mask can help.