Prolinx Makes Cyber Safe

The team at Prolinx make Cyber safe – many organisations simply talk about Cyber Security, whereas we genuinely put this into practice.

Everything we do at Prolinx is based on a business process-lead risk assessment, resulting in security controls being established that genuinely reduce the risks faced by our business and our customers.

Putting security controls in place to only satisfy security frameworks without the appropriate assessments being carried out, may reduce some of the business risks, however, will not address the actual customer risks. Prolinx, only after business risks have been identified and fully understood, apply security controls to specifically target and reduce those identified risks.


How does Prolinx achieve this?

Prolinx works with both ISO 27001 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Frameworks to assess and select appropriate security controls. Subsequently these controls are architected into the design for all of our services, which then undergo design reviews to ensure those controls are fit for purpose. Subsequently control effectiveness is verified throughout the system deployment process through a series of tests. Finally, the security state of the system is validated as a whole through formal independent tests.

Prolinx does not stop once a system is tested and transitions into a live state – we have our own Security Operations Centre (SOC) which operates 24/7/365 and not only analyses events but undertakes proactive threat assessments through regular vulnerability analysis.

The SOC uses the best security toolsets to ensure security threats are analysed and acted upon rapidly.

The Prolinx Security Team genuinely have an interest in reducing risks and threats to both our business and our customers. We look after mission critical and safety critical data and take our security responsibilities very seriously.


“We don’t just do security – we make Cyber safe.”

Dr. Rishi Shah PhD – Head of Cyber Security


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