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The Overview

Prolinx recognises that not all data and services are applicable or even permitted to be deployed onto Public Cloud solutions. However many Prolinx customers have a desire to leverage some of the fantastic solutions available in that space.
Working with Software Development houses, Prolinx also host a number of enterprise applications, traditionally only available in the Public Cloud space, at the higher security tiers. This enables organisations to leverage leading edge capabilities from inside their secure networks and using their real data sets.

SUITED FOR – Customers that require a secure compute and comms platform that is easily and rapidly deployable to support remote operations but is also scalable and can interface, where required, with headquarters/backend systems.


CONNECTIVITY TO – MOD Core Network (Official Sensitive) (MCN(OS)).

  • Drive down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and burden of software updates
  • Predictable OPEX cost certainty aids cash-flow, budgeting and planning
  • Underpins organisational expansion through scale up provisioning
  • Faster deployment, software installation, faster configuration and in some cases, instant
  • Through Release Management new features are quickly installed and provides minimal impact on the availability of applications
  • Reduced costs for human resources as Prolinx SaaS reduces or eliminates the need to hire additional IT personnel
  • No need for additional hardware, Prolinx PaaS hosts the software
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI) and productivity, faster deployments. Prolinx SaaS accepts the burden of successful management and deployment of updates for the customer. Improving the productivity of the end user by increasing the security and reliability of the application
  • Secure remote access for development

Prolinx SaaS is offered under the assumption that it will be deployed on the Prolinx Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings and utilising the standard catalogue items (small, medium, large or extra-large Virtual Machines). These are purchased in the offered environments of Test & Development (T&D), Pre-Production (Pre-Prod), Disaster Recovery (DR) and Production (Prod)/User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Our high-performance Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solution provides real-time situational awareness, combined with robust OS security patching, latest AV and Malware protection ensures the platform is secure and stable.

The final build will be hardened by Prolinx technical engineering staff prior to consultation and acceptance testing with the customer to ensure all products are consistent and supportable. Any requests for changes or customisation to the service, once operational, will be subject to the Prolinx change control process and managed as per ITIL best practices.

Prolinx provides SaaS on a number of industry standard Operating Systems (OS).
Included in the SaaS Service is:

  • Everything in the Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Installation and configuration of software / application
  • Hardening to environment specifications
  • Initial firewall ruleset based on customer design document and OS deployment documentation
  • Ongoing support and maintenance tasks for system databases
  • Full server OS rebuild in the event of corruption or failure back to original delivery configuration (1 per month)
  • Additional monitoring with checks to customer specifications
  • Additional information in the management reports
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