Software as a Service


Customers that require an extension to the PaaS offering, featuring additional application and software assurance, packaging, hosting and deployment, along with ongoing management on a secure, fully managed platform. The design enables the appropriate assurance and security controls to allow the processing and protection of sensitive data.


Highest security tiers, MOD Assurance levels and Commercially Assured for non-protectively marked data.


Prolinx Assured Cloud, MOD networks and other customer networks meeting the required security controls.

The overview

Prolinx recognises that there are many applications, data and services that cannot be deployed or migrated onto Public Cloud solutions due to security concerns, risks, constraints and lack of compliance or assurance. However, many Prolinx customers have a desire to move away from traditional on-premises hosted solutions, and leverage the benefits that hosting applications within public cloud services has to offer, for example; infrastructure and staff cost savings, increased access options and efficiencies, scalability of resources on-demand, removing the need for technical hardware refresh, increasing group collaboration and project delivery, using the latest technology and having robust redundancy, backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions.

Prolinx has partnered with leading Software Development houses, resulting in the secure design, required IT Health Checks (ITHCS) and assurance to enable hosting and access to software that is capable of processing sensitive and protectively marked data. As a result, Prolinx can host a number of industry standard tools and enterprise applications that have only traditionally been available within the Public Cloud space, and more importantly, make those applications available at higher security tiers. Partnering with Prolinx and leveraging our experience in the secure managed services sector enables organisations to design and deploy software to markets that have previously been unavailable.

Customers wishing to migrate and utilise specific software packages in the cloud are able to leverage the Prolinx SaaS service, and integrate software with secure networks whilst using and exploiting their real data sets.



  • Drive down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and burden of software updates
  • Predictable OPEX cost certainty aids cash-flow, budgeting and planning
  • Underpins organisational expansion through scale up provisioning
  • Faster deployment, configuration and software installation
  • New features are quickly installed providing minimal impact on the availability of applications
  • Reduced costs as Prolinx SaaS reduces or eliminates the need to hire additional IT personnel
  • No need for additional hardware, Prolinx PaaS is leveraged to host applications
  • Increased Return on Investment, Improves the productivity of the end user by increasing the security and reliability of the application
  • Secure remote access options for end users and application developers


Prolinx SaaS is available for configuration and deployment within several environments; Test & Development (T&D), Pre-Production (Pre-Prod), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Production (Prod) and Disaster Recovery (DR).

Our high-performance Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solution provides real-time application and device monitoring, combined with robust OS security and software patching. The latest Anti-Virus definitions, Malware protection and software releases ensures hosted applications are secure and stable.

The final application deployment will be hardened by Prolinx technical engineering staff prior to acceptance testing with the customer to ensure all products are consistent and supportable. Any requests for changes or customisation to the service, once operational, is available through the Prolinx change control process and managed as per ITIL best practices.