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With the ever-changing cyber threat landscape and with so many devices now connected under the banner of the Internet of Things (IOT) secure mobility must be an important factor for any business. The rise of the remote workforce has seen a big increase in the sales of mobile devices and the move towards a mobile workplace is likely to be an ongoing trend for at least another decade.

To ensure your data is secure Prolinx can offer a Secure Mobility platform that is designed to help business with all aspects of secure mobility, including Mobile Device Management (MDM) on all end point devices.

Prolinx offer Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) which had its routes in MDM, but now offers enhanced security as the cyber threat changes. The IT administrator can now enforce password requirements, track the location of devices and remote wipe lost or stolen devices; all ensuring your business is not at risk. These capabilities are very important, but they do not solve all the data security threats that stem from enterprise mobility.

Enter Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM). These newer components of EMM give IT more granular control, solely over corporate assets.


  • Cost effective way of securing endpoint devices
  • Enable secure access to corporate resources
  • Support employee, corporate-owned and shared devices
  • Gain visibility across mobile device deployment
  • Peace of mind data is secure
  • Access files on the move, on any device, from any location
  • Host and safeguard sensitive documents
  • Keeps your workforce mobile


  • Enhanced security for mobile management
  • Granular control for IT administrator
  • Deploy public, internal or bulk-purchased apps to devices automatically
  • Enable users to self-activate devices by entering their corporate credentials
  • Connect to company email, VPN, WiFi, intranet sites and other backend resources
  • Configure policies for device restrictions, layout, settings access and notifications
  • Enforce device passcode settings


Watch a video about secure solutions at Prolinx: