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UK Sovereign Private Cloud

Prolinx focuses on providing fully assured and fully managed IT services to its customers. At the heart of all our services, maintaining the security and integrity of customer data is paramount. We protect data as a national asset; encrypting, storing and processing information on UK territory from our fully assured and resilient data centres. Our services are operated from our UK based operations centres by appropriately vetted UK personnel.

Prolinx has developed and built fully assured, UK sovereign private cloud platforms within the Prolinx Assured Cloud (PAC), and is therefore able to work with customers to ensure that their data, applications and access methods all meet the required levels of accreditation and assurance to handle, process, store and extract data at UK Government assurance levels. This means that your data is transmitted, handled and stored appropriately from data ingress to egress and everywhere in between.



“Many of our clients have specific cyber incident insurance policies requiring stringent controls of where data is managed and located.”

Mike Willmott – Sales Director

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Why is UK sovereignty important?

As of today, over 90% of western data is split, stored and processed in multiple overseas locations relying entirely on services provided by major U.S. and non-UK based cloud providers. Under the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act or CLOUD Act, enacted in the United States in 2018, U.S. based technology companies must provide data to authorities when requested whether the data is stored in the U.S. or on foreign soil. This means that whilst hyperscalers based outside of the UK may be able to provide assurance around data residency such as hosting and storage within a specific region, it does not ensure that the data is subject to the local laws where it is stored, and therefore your data could be subject to foreign jurisdiction laws and potential extraction or surveillance.

How can Prolinx help?


The core features and technology within the Prolinx Assured Cloud, does not rely entirely on overseas cloud providers – this allows independence, assurance and governance. This is important as it enhances the security of your data, as well as the resilience of critical digital services. However, it is important to note that private sovereign cloud and public overseas cloud services can co-exist – with careful design and implementation of the appropriate controls and governance around your data, some of the features of public cloud services can be leveraged alongside private cloud solutions to provide an innovative blend of capabilities. This approach can provide the benefits of both public cloud and private sovereign cloud software or solutions without compromising the integrity of your data. As an example, utilising PAC technology, Prolinx is able to blend some of the exciting features and tools available within Microsoft 365, whilst still ensuring data integrity and security by implementing, managing, maintaining and monitoring strict operational controls and policies.

What are the benefits?


Sovereign clouds enable national independence, giving UK organisations and Government control over their data, protection from international laws and protecting critical systems and data from potential foreign surveillance activities. When data is handled or processed by over-seas organisations, there is a risk that un-vetted cloud operatives may have the potential to undermine key systems, including critical national infrastructure, healthcare and other public services.

When you chose a UK Sovereign Private Cloud, you are also investing in the United Kingdom, helping to fuel innovation as well as develop, advance and transform our national capabilities.

Contact the Prolinx team to discover more about the benefits of our UK Sovereign private cloud solutions and how we can help to secure your data and transform your organisation.

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