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What is IPSA?

The Industry Personnel Security Assurance (IPSA) is a way to make sure people who have gone through National Security Vetting (NSV) are well looked after and managed, just like vetted staff in the government.

It’s about keeping things secure by making sure these individuals get the support and attention they need, keeping our operations safe.

IPSA includes steps to check security clearances, keep everyone up to date on security rules, and help anyone who needs it with their security status.

It is being rolled out across the UK, as a result all Vetting Information has a classification of OFFICIAL – SENSITIVE as stated in Para 8 of the IPSA Policy, and organisations processing and handling this information will be accountable for providing security and assurance for this data.


Where can I find more information on IPSA?

Detailed information on IPSA is available at industry security notices repository at


Is the current IPSA policy available for review?

The current policy is also available and can be downloaded from:


Am I ready for IPSA?

If you need assistance with complying with IPSA Prolinx can help.

Within the Prolinx Assured Cloud, we have fully-managed, assured services that will allow you to store, process and forward required information to achieve compliance with the IPSA process. As an example, we are able to assist with providing guidance on accreditation / assurance of your applications as well as migrate applications and data to our UK Sovereign cloud. This includes encrypting and storing of sensitive information with provision of secure user access solutions to allow protected access to your systems and data.

If you want to know more about how we can help you with your IPSA journey, get in touch with our team today.