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Prolinx renews JOSCAR for 2023 – March 2023

Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register

I am pleased to announce that Prolinx Limited has renewed its JOSCAR accreditation for 2023.

Thank you to Sam Howells and team for their work on this.

For those that are unfamiliar with Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register, it is facilitated by Hellios Information, and is a register utilised by prime contractors and major organisations within the defence, aerospace and security industries to check an organisations pre-qualification and compliance information. JOSCAR helps customers to prove that suppliers are compliant and ‘fit for business’.

As a JOSCAR accredited supplier, it provides confidence and assurance that Prolinx is committed to delivering quality of service to its customers.

Further information is available at


Steve Andrews – Head of Portfolio Management

Joscar Certificate (prolinx Limited)