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What is Technology Services 3 (RM6100)? – June 2023

Tech Services 3 (RM6100) is a framework that was created by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to enable UK Government organisations to procure information and technology services. The framework caters for a wide range of IT services across the service life-cycle.

The services are split into the following ‘lots’:

  • Lot 1 – Technology Strategy and Service Design
  • Lot 2 – Transition and Transformation
  • Lot 3a – End User Services
  • Lot 3b – Operational Management
  • Lot 3c – Technical Management
  • Lot 3d – Application and Data Management
  • Lot 4 – Major Service Transformation Programmes
  • Lot 5 – Service Integration and Management

Prolinx Ltd is as registered supplier on this framework, and is able to cater for organisations wishing to procure Prolinx services via Tech Services 3.

Uk Sovereign Private Cloud 2

An evolution of Tech Services 2


TS3 builds on the previous iteration ‘Tech Services 2’.

The new version of the framework was developed thorough consultation and feedback between CCS, their customers and suppliers. The result is a restructured framework with additional lots that also promises simpler procurement procedures.

Lot 4 in particular is new, and covers major service transformation programmes.


£2 Billion Framework value


It is estimated that TS3 framework is worth £2billion across the varied IT support services provided by the 5 lots (8 including the additional sub-divided lots). The framework allows bidders to bid for all or a combinations of lots that align to their customer-facing service catalogue.


Supporting UK SMEs and Innovation


TS3 has in total over 250 organisations registered, with over 60% of those being SMEs.

This is fantastic news, as the framework helps to foster innovation and fund improvements within our national capability as a whole. Whilst many public sector buyers still favour larger, more traditional systems integrators, the framework encourages and supports CIOs and CDOs across UK Government looking for an alternative of being locked into lengthy contracts with enterprise organisations that often offer little flexibility, lack of customer input and control and substantial levels of lock-in.

More information is available at Technology Services 3 – CCS (